Whom Should We Fear As Leaders

Fear looking down from building

A fundamental benefit of viewing our businesses and leadership opportunities as God’s is that it puts the ultimate line of sight of its success in God. (Psalm 24:1)   As business leaders, we have been given a vital role.  Our view of God as ultimate provider in this equation allows us to have a biblical view of success.  This includes both what we can see, as well as what we can not always see, the eternal impacts.  In Deuteronomy 6:10-12, Moses had a message for the Israelites.  He was encouraging them not to forget who brought them into the land sworn to their fathers. He was reminding them of the ultimate source of their blessings.  Moses also encouraged them not to become proud and forget the Lord. In contrast, to have a healthy fear of the Lord, who provided all they had been given.  God had provided a way and brought them out of things holding them back. (Deut 8: 12-14)  Likewise, I encourage you to fear only the Lord.  By doing so, we give God the Glory for the things He has done and will do in the life of our businesses and teams.

Healthy Fear

As I have reflected on the Word of God in preparation for writing my book, one theme that continues to surface is the role of healthy fear in life and in business.  This may seem a bit downcast to talk about fear in a business context, but let’s consider a few observations.  There are many things in my life that I could fear, most of which will likely hold me back from achieving all that God has in store for me.   For example, a fear of failure could keep me from stepping out in faith to achieve something great; a fear of what others will say or do to me may keep me from speaking the truth in love in any given situation; a fear of rejection along with the freedom of religion and cancel culture initiatives we have seen surfacing in our lifetimes.  These things may keep us from actively living out and sharing our faith with a biblical world view. 

We Have A Similar Mission

Consider what the first apostles of the early church were able to accomplish.  Of course they had the power of the Holy Spirit going before them, as we do, but they clearly did not live their lives in full-out fear of failure or rejection.  I am not going to suggest they had no fear at all, but they did not let it rule their lives or determine what they ultimately did each day.  If fear would have overpowered them, the plans and purposes God had for them and launching the early church would likely have been marginalized.  Instead, they feared the one thing we are instructed to fear, and that is the Lord.  ( Psalm 34:9) (Psalm 115:11) (Psalm 128:1) The thought of letting Him down with the sacred stewardship they were given to accomplish was a driving force.  Their great commission was to spread the Gospel message throughout all the earth and make disciples of all nations.  This mission and vision confidently drove them to accomplish things they never would have otherwise been able to do. (Matthew 28: 16-20)  Coincidentally, we have this same mission!

We are told countless of times throughout scripture that we are to fear only the Lord.  I encourage you to reflect on a few of them for additional insights.  They are as follows: Ps 33:16; Ps 34:7; Ps 34 9;  Ps 115:11; Ps 128:1; Deut 6: 13; Deut 6:24; Duet 10:12; 1 Sam 12:14; 1 Sam 12:24; Job 4:6

In addition, when we fear the only the Lord, we properly focus our hearts and minds for leading in our business, including gaining wisdom (Ps 111:10; Prov 15:33).  We also gain a healthy view of ourselves, that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, which includes the purposes He has laid out before us as His stewards (Ps 139:14). 

Monday Morning

Consider all the things that could bring fear into our hearts and minds; hiring the right employee’s, making payroll, our competition, market conditions, a recession, etc.  We certainly can plan for and should take strategic steps towards positioning and leading our businesses that prepare for these things, but ultimately all of them are out of our control.

Likewise, when we have a holy fear of God, consider how much more effectively and successfully we can achieve His plans and purposes.  We show our fear of the Lord when we lead in a way that honors God, and leaves an aroma of Him in our path.  This includes leading with honesty, integrity, grace, compassion, shrewdness, wisdom and with an eternal perspective.

When we only fear the Lord, like the early apostles, we can leap forward in confidence knowing that we are God’s messengers in the marketplace and he is going before us to prepare the way for His success.  

If you would like to go deeper on these subjects and ways to bring Glory to the Father, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at randy.earnst@we-r-stewards.com, or visit our website at www.we-r-stewards.com 

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