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As you drive and lead in your business, have you ever found yourself in a dilemma or indecisive moment?  When it comes to business decisions, many of them can be of high impact.  Getting counsel is wise, considering all who will be impacted. Who do you have in your trusted circle of influence who can give input and lend insight? When you do receive insights from others, do you have the openness to listen, reflect and possibly change course?

Wise Counsel

God has given us instruction on ways to gain help and guidance.  One of those ways is through having wise counsel around us.  In some ways, wise counsel is like having our own human GPS, and comes in many forms.  In this post, I will talk about two of them.

First and foremost, wise counsel comes through the ‘Word of God’.  The Word is essentially like talking with God himself.  As outlined in scripture: John 1:1 (ESV), ‘In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God’

How many times have we thought how great it would be if we could just talk with God directly about a business decision?  The reality is that we can. As an example, consider that the bible contains inspired words from God, written through the various authors. Given this, reading scripture is like talking with God. We may not be speaking face to face with Him, however, according to this verse, the Word, or the Bible, is God speaking to us.  Reading and reflecting on the bible has transforming power in our lives, and our businesses.    As you read His Word, actively seek the Lord in Prayer to glean truths and wisdom towards the decisions you need to make in your business.

Other Like Minded

Consider insights from others in your circle of advisors when it comes to making key decisions. In Proverbs 12:15 we are given some amazing advice.  ‘The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but a wise man listens to advice’.  With this passage in mind, we need to surround ourselves with people who are courageous to sometimes tell us what we may not want to hear. 

Contrast this with surrounding yourself with people who will tell you what they believe you want to hear.  I am referring to seeking advice from those who have no conflict of interest and nothing to gain from your decision. In addition, they also have the same eternal view of the marketplace.  People who have the love and courage to tell you what you may need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear.  In humility, we can grant them permission to offer wisdom and insight for our consideration.  Whether we give their advice attention is up to us. 

Ultimately in our decision making, seek the Lord, and with the thoughts of others as a consideration, make final decisions. 

Monday Morning

One way to do this is by joining a peer advisory group of likeminded individuals, who share your same role in business.  Specifically, one that is focused on aligning with and honoring Christ in their businesses.  A group of business owners and leaders who are dedicated to each other’s success.  This includes spending time together sharing ideas for growing your business and moving it forward toward success.  It is about using your businesses collectively to impact others for Christ.  Influencing them towards joining you in heaven one glorious and approaching day.   

If you have interest in hearing more about like-minded groups that may be available, read more at www.we-r-stewards.com, or reach out to Randy Earnst at randy.earnst@we-r-stewards.com.

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