We Did Not Get Here Alone


As our business grows and we begin to see success, we should have around us people who care enough and have the courage to challenge our thinking.  An example of this was Nathan confronting King David for his actions concerning Bathsheba. This story can be found in 2 Samuel chapter 11.  Nathan was a trusted advisor to David.  Fortunately for David, Nathan had the courage to tell the King both what he wanted and likely did not want to hear.  Let us not forget that at the end of the day, despite whatever success we have had in business, we are human.  As such, we are pulled around by human tendencies and desires.  Having trusted peer advisors around us help ground and encourage us towards God’s plans and purposes. Both for us as leaders and for the businesses God has given us to Steward on His behalf.

Place High Value

When seeking advice, we should value the accumulated wisdom of those God has put around us.   The key to this is the word value, which is to assign a high assessment to, or something precious.  Many seek advice, but do they actually place value on it.  After King Solomon passed away, his son Rehoboam took over as his successor.   Rehoboam surrounded himself with the Elders in Israel, but in the end, did not value their insight.  They advised Rehoboam to become a servant leader to the Kingdom (1 Kings 12:7), but instead, he listed to others who were not focused on God’s plan and purposes.  They actually encouraged him to pursue his own personal agenda.  Unfortunately for Rehoboam, this was opposite of God’s plan.   As outlined in 1 Kings chapter 12, this backfired, and the tribes rebelled.  Rehoboam sought after the advice, but did not place a high value on it.  In the end, he and those he lead paid a high price.

In Humility

The opposite of humility is arrogance, which is believing we got where we are by our hard work. Although it is likely true that your tenacity and hard work was a large contributing factor, ignoring the support of others, and most importantly of God points us in the wrong direction.  We read in James 4: 13-17, a warning that speaks to this in our lives.  As we gain some success, we have natural tendencies to begin trusting in ourselves more than God.  With this in mind, we start predicting what the future holds and possibly taking unadvisable risks.  In this passage, we are given a really good vision of what our life is actually like, a vapor, or a mist.  Here today and gone tomorrow.  With this in mind, there is no room for boasting or arrogance, as only He (God) holds the keys to the amazing things He wishes to do with our lives, in our lives and through our lives. 

Monday Morning

Consider who you have around you.  Do they have your permission to tell you both what you may want to hear, as well as provide honest feedback to the contrary?  Do you spend time each day thanking others for their contributions to the companies success? Is there an employee recognition program in place to acknowledge and affirm the efforts and idea’s of others and the positive behaviors you wish to reinforce? These are all ways to reflect a sense of humility across your organization, and invite the iron sharpens iron culture that will help you and your organization reach its full potential.

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