Soar On Wings Like Eagles

Bald Eagle Soaring

As things happen in our lives and our businesses, these create intersections.  These intersections are where the natural crosses the supernatural.  They represent certain times in our lives and our businesses where we will have a choice.  Our choice is to wait on the Lord, and trust that He is present in the situation.  During this time, expect, look for and hope in what He will do.  In doing so, we can soar on the wings of eagles.  When eagles soar, they rise above, rest, recharge, gain new strength and renew.  (Isaiah 40:31)

In the opposite way, we also have the choice to hijack a situation and move ahead in our own strength, wisdom, and fortitude.  This is as much our chosen attitude and how we view what is going on, than the event itself.   At those times of intersection, we will have a decision to make on which path we will follow. 

We Have a Choice

When we come to a four-way stop sign, we are to stop, look around and yield to other drivers.  It requires us to look, pause, be patient and take action.  We can yield to others, possibly even surrender our desire to go first or plow forward.  In plowing forward, we may not be considering what is happening or who is pulling out.  In doing so, conflict and disaster likely await us. 

The same thing occurs in a spiritual sense in the intersections of our businesses.  We can pause, look around, ponder what may be going on, and yield to what the Holy Spirit may be doing.  We must make this voluntary choice which requires us to surrender our desire, be sensitive to His leading, and obedient to His prompting.  When we patiently depend on His strength and courage, we can ‘soar on wings like eagles’.  When we allow the Spirit to supernaturally guide in our lives, He can do through us as leaders what we cannot possibly do for ourselves or the companies we lead.  What results is peace in a chaotic situation, gaining strength when others are feeling weak and the ability to rise above and see things going on around you with more clarity.  All as you soar on wings like eagles. (Isaiah 40:31)

Monday Morning

As we allow God the freedom to work in us as the leader, we also allow Him to work in and through the organizations that we lead in powerful and mighty ways.  As the ones who are ultimately responsible for what our companies do, in a sense, we become a gatekeeper to what God wants to do in and through our businesses and organizations.  This is a key concept for us to consider as we lead our organizations. 

Today as things come up that may seem out of your control, consider this a supernatural intersection.  I encourage you to recognize these ‘intersections’ and have the courage to wait on the Lord. This courage could determine how much we soar on wings like eagles.  Of course, we will not always hit the ball out of the park as we are still human and make mistakes.  The goal of our lives is not perfection, but progress.  I encourage you to stay in the race daily, keep soaring onward and upward, evaluating and learning from your mistakes.  This involves forgetting what you may have done in the past and reaching forward to the new things and opportunities God has in store for you this day.  (Philippians 3:12-16)

Let’s encourage each other to soar like eagles together in the Marketplace.  As a result, we do our part both individually and collectively as business leaders to advance the Kingdom of Heaven through our work. 

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