peer advisory groups

CEO Steward Ship Groups

  • Meet monthly for half day
  • Group sizes of 5 to 10
  • Members are CEO’s, Business Owners and Top Leaders
  • Focus is on Growing Business with Biblical Context
  • Provide Opportunities for Developing as Leaders
  • Confidentiality is a Key
  • Learn ways to transform our businesses and the Marketplace
  • Develop stronger, better and more innovative business ideas together
  • Avoid Costly mistakes already made by others
  • It is like having a board of directors
  • One-on-One time monthly with Leader

Goals we live by


Collaboration with our partners

Business Concepts presented for reflection and application in your business. Ideas are taken to higher levels together. Costly mistakes can be avoided when gain insights from other business leaders.


Passion for results

As God's stewards, it is all about getting results from the time and resources invested. We R Stewards believes that we need to model this within the peer advisory group sessions. We are called to maximize the platform we have to impact eternity. To do so, we need to strive and drive towards both individual and collective success.


Constantly improving

In humility, we strive to continually develop in our ability to lead within our companies and organizations. We will also focus on ways to improve practices and processes within the businesses we lead. In these two key area's, our focus will be to encourage best practices, ways to incorporate and effectively utilize them in business.