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In our lifetimes, we will likely be part of building various things.  This includes the businesses, organizations and teams we have been given the amazing privilege to create.  A significant factor for us to consider as leaders relates to the foundation on which we will build.  As leaders, this first starts with us.  What foundation have we built our lives upon?  How does this foundation impact the potential success or failure of what we are building.  Can this concept of foundation help us as we lead within our organizations towards achieving desired results?  It turns out, the bible has much to say about the importance of foundation and provides guidance on whom and how that foundation should be built.

Is Foundation that Important?

I was on a recent beach vacation and noticed some buildings that were being erected one block back from the ocean.  Given proximity to the water, the entire lot was nothing but sand.  I wondered how they would go about putting in a foundation that would hold up any new structure given the potential for rising water and hurricane conditions.   I did some research and discovered that they essentially dig down until they either hit solid rock, or just dig deep enough in the sand that it reduces the chances for movement.  In either case, they are digging deep to put in a solid foundation.  

We read about something similar in Luke 6:46-49 in a parable Jesus told his followers.   He was encouraging them to put into action what he was teaching, and painting a picture of the alternative.  When we listen to Jesus, go deep in His Word and take the appropriate actions to follow Him, it is like building our lives (house) on rock, a firm foundation.  When the things of life come at us like rising water or hurricanes level winds, we can withstand their effects.  The opposite picture is also expressed.  When we build on our lives on things of this world, and the storms of life hit, we will get taken down.

I would suggest to you this same analogy applies to our businesses, organizations and teams.  If you agree, what does this foundation look like and how do we go about putting it in place?

First Things First

In our businesses or teams, it likely starts out with an idea, dream or vision of what could be achieved in the future.  We see things that are not being done well, people being underserved, or services not being provided anywhere in the marketplace.    We are inspired by our Father in Heaven to launch out to do something about fulfilling this need.  I would like to suggest that as we take this step of faith, consider the foundations of this venture or idea.  What will be the process and key components that will provide the solid foundation for the business or organization to build upon and help you achieve desired results?

As a high-level process, I would encourage you to first seek the Lord in this, asking Him to show, clarify and give you creative ideas that will help move you towards achieving the Visions, or picture of the future He has placed inside of you.  Ask Him to clarify a Mission, an overarching purpose of what He would like you to accomplish through your business or organization.  Seek Him for the core ways you want your business to function, what others in the marketplace will experience as they interact with you and your team, your Core Values.  

As you seek your Father in Heaven for clarity on your Mission(M), Vision(V) and Core Values(CV’s) and move them forward in faith, you are essentially building upon Him, and these can become the Foundations for your business.

Monday Morning

How deep have you gone in establishing this foundation of M, V, CV’s within your business or team?  Was it a result of a one-time session or book that you read that resulted in catchy phrases or things that bubbled to the top of your mind?  In the parable Jesus spoke in Luke 6:46-49, He references digging deep to find the firm foundation. This implies more than dipping our shovel in the ground. 

Consider that this passage provides us with a picture that is more than a one-time event.  It is likely a lifetime of growing daily as a leader in our relationship with our Heavenly Father.  In 1 Corinthians 3: 9-10, the Apostle Paul tells us that we are co-workers with God in the mission He has given us to accomplish.  As part of this, we are His cultivated garden, a house He is building.  God has given you unique gifts and set you up as a skilled master builder in business.  As we spend time with him each day, he is cultivating, preparing and using us to achieve His Eternal purposes in the Marketplace.  Are you spending time each day in His Word, seeking and allowing Him to cultivate and prepare you for this amazing mission?   As His skilled master builder in the marketplace, you are laying a firm foundation for your business and team.

This relationship with our Father in Heaven will help us establish our Mission, Vision and Core Values.  This can help us as we dig deep and establish a firm foundation in our lives and our businesses through which we can glorify our Father in Heaven.  As a result, we can better position ourselves to impact eternity with the countless lives He has called us to influence and awaken in the marketplace.

I would encourage you to revisit your Mission, Vision and Core Values.  Seek the Lord, ask Him to reveal things that were possibly hidden before to your heart and mind.  These could include what He wants you to accomplish in the marketplace, and the Core Values with which to carry them out.   As you interact, train and encourage your team through the lens of your Mission, Vision and Core Values, you are essentially living out your life for and showing Christ to a dying world. This also applies as you interact with your customers and vendors, as they experience your Core Values up close and personal.

If you would like to go deeper on these subjects and ways to bring Glory to the Father, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at randy.earnst@we-r-stewards.com, or visit our website at www.we-r-stewards.com 

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