Faith, Timing and Provision

Compass- Gods Direction-timing

When we search for direction in a business decision, it will likely involve aspects of faith, timing and provision.  A few examples may be seeking direction on when to start a new product or service, pull out of a territory, add to your team and hire, let go of a staff member not fulfilling the duties of their job, and many others. 

God will often use the things not so obvious and last-minute to provide both direction and exactly what we need at each step of the way.  This requires faith and confidence that God is ultimately your boss, leader and financial provider.  As you carry out and are driven by His purposes within your organization, He will provide the resources you need at exactly the right time

God will Provide

Consider the story of Abraham and Isaac as outlined in Genesis chapter 22.  Isaac was the son Abraham waited for his entire life.  The son that God promised he would have, and then tells Abraham to sacrifice on the alter. (Genesis 22:2)  As a father, I cannot begin to imagine what this was like for Abraham.  Isaac was his long-awaited son who he watched being born, raised, loved, cared for, and God was now telling him to use him as a sacrifice?  Abraham provides a God inspiring example of the faith it takes to step out and trust God to provide.  He describes this faith to Isaac in Genesis 22: 7-8.

Our Test

As we know now reflecting on the entire story, this was a test for Abraham.  A test of his heart and faith in God.  I believe this story provides insights about other things in our lives that we hold close to our hearts.  Consider the business we birthed, raised up, love and care for as a leader.  I believe that God will use the things that help drive it forward, such as finances, and other things we care about deeply to test us, much like he did Abraham. 

We all know how the story ends, where God ultimately provides an alternative sacrifice and spares Isaac.  Like He did with Abraham, God will likely provide unique tests that come into our businesses that will allow us to become mature in our faith in Him as our ultimate resource.  As this happens, decisions surrounding money will become less stressful, as we experience God’s provision at the exact times and in the exact ways that are needed.

Monday Morning

Our opportunity each day is both to trust in God to provide, and in turn communicate and exhibit this faith to others on our teams.  Isaac asked his father about the sacrifice they were about to make.  Abraham acknowledged this very valid question and pointed to God as the source, who promised to provide as they stepped out in faith.  Then he kept moving forward, not looking back.

In what areas of your business has God tested your faith as you waited for Him to provide what was needed or some direction on a key decision?  Here are a few questions to help you reflect on this question:

  1. What did you learn, both positive and critical, about yourself during those times?
  2. What impact did those times have in your life and your business in preparation for what God had planned for the future?
  3. What are some keys you have seen to waiting on God’s provision, during times of testing?

I would offer a few for you to consider as you go into each day.  First, believe with all your heart that God has you exactly positioned where He wants to you.  Do not waiver on this mindset. God has given us our assignments to carry out the plans and purposes He has for us, as well as the organizations in which we lead.  Secondly, God will provide what we need, as we step out in faith.   It is much more comfortable to see God provide, then step out in faith, but this is not the storyline we read in the Bible.  We walk by faith, not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7) Lastly, continually use the opportunities to point people to God and bring glory to our Father in heaven. 

When this is our focus and goal, He promises to provide all we need and ask for as we move forward towards what God has set us on a course to accomplish. (John 14:13-14) The timing and nature of His provision is what requires faith, as we do not know how things will ultimately play out. However, move forward with confidence in the opportunity God has given you to lead and influence the Marketplace towards the Kingdom of God.

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