Who Is In the Drivers Seat?

Picture your business or leadership team like a car. As the leader, you are sitting in the drivers seat. In that seat, you are steering the car in a particular direction, for a particular purpose. As owners and/or leaders in our businesses, it certainly feels like we should be the one in total control. Our hands are on the steering wheel and we have a sense that the opportunity in front of us is ours to achieve. Although God has given us free will, abilities, drive and resources to move things forward in our lives, lets take time to consider where these things originated from. Is it top of mind that the ultimate purpose for the business and leadership role you are in is God ordained? This perspective helps us align with who ultimately put us in the drivers seat. This provides a clearer vision for our role as His Stewards.  The challenge for us as business owners is we may not always see the businesses we are leading as God’s. 

We are on the clock- Invest in What Matters

Our lives as leaders should reflect our ultimate mission, vision, and residence.  As believers in Christ, our ultimate residence is in Heaven.  In light of this, consider our ultimate vision and mission. Do they include doing all we can with what we have in the time we have to help others join us there.  Our lifestyles, how we live, lead, and make decisions in our business should reflect and align with this belief.  As God’s business stewards, are we spending the time and resources God has given us investing in the things that are going to move on to heaven.  We are on the clock, let us invest in what matters!

Giving Fuel To The Leaders Around You

In what ways are you sowing into and giving inspiration to your leaders? They have a crucial role within your business, guiding one of your largest investments, your people. Do they feel and observe your support?  Is fuel being put in their tanks or being depleted from it?  Are you preparing the way for them to soar? This is influenced by the way you lead, the vision and values you live by and the culture that has been established within your organization or your team.  Are they expected and empowered to do the same for the leaders in their sphere of influence?  The answers to these important questions may determine the motivation level of your leaders and the ultimate success of your company.

Expect Distractions

If it is your desire and vision to have an eternal impact in the marketplace, expect distractions.  This would include both in our lives and as the leader within our businesses.  What types of things try and entice us away from God’s direction and calling?  Let us take a closer look.

Proper Perspective

There are things in our lives that hold us back from achieving all God has in store.  This includes experiencing the joy and peace that God desires for us while carrying out His purposes on earth.  This closely corresponds with storing up rewards and treasures in Heaven.  How we view ourselves and others in relation to God helps us reflect on our hearts, desires, and the focal points of our lives. 

Our Identity as Leaders

As leaders, where do we get our identity?  Is it in what we do, our role, our business?  Our goal, desire, and calling is to bring glory to our Father in Heaven.  With this in mind, Christ is our ultimate example (John 17:4).  To be effective in our work for the Lord, consider the need to see and get our identity from Christ. 

Soar On Wings Like Eagles

As things happen in our lives and our businesses, these create intersections.  These intersections are where the natural crosses the supernatural.  They represent certain times in our lives and our businesses where we will have a choice.  This choice is to wait on the Lord, and trust that He is present in the situation.  In being present, expect, look for and hope in what He will do.  In doing so, we can soar on the wings of eagles.  When Eagles soar, they get rest, recharge, gain new strength and renew their power. 

We Will Do Greater Things

Just before He left this earth, Jesus had a conversation with His disciples as outlined in John chapter 14.  In this passage, Jesus is comforting them. He is leaving the earth to go be with His Father in Heaven.  As part of his conversation, Jesus tells them He will be back. As part of this dialogue, He also casts a vision to them. By Him parting the earth, they will accomplish even greater things than He.  I believe this vision also applies to us!  The question for us is what are those greater things, and how will we accomplish them?

Leadership Courage

As leaders, we will need courage in many situations to move things forward in a healthy way.  Even though in heaven we will have perfect peace and harmony, in our businesses we will need to deal with some levels of disagreement and conflict.  This includes having tough conversations with others.   These conversations could be with other leaders, employees, vendors, and even customers.  They will require courage, taking one step at a time, and keeping our eyes on God.

Leadership Confidence

Where does our confidence as leaders rest?  For us to accomplish the grand plans God has for us, He must develop the level of confidence required in us.  This confidence is in God and not in ourselves.   Each day provides windows of new opportunities to develop in Godly confidence, the question is whether we will walk through them.