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Alignment- Cross

In our role as leaders, an important aspect to consider is alignment.   As a leader within our companies, we have been given authority over others to inspire and provide guidance.  In this capacity, consider that along with this amazing opportunity to lead others, we are also under God’s authority.   Our success in carrying out our purpose in the marketplace will be in context to the degree we have leadership alignment.  Both with God and with our team(s).   

Levels of Authority

We see a healthy image of authority portrayed in Luke chapter seven, verses 1-10.  In this passage, a Roman centurion is in need of Jesus healing as one of his employees is sick.  He desires for his servant to live, so sends a few messengers out to plead for Jesus to come to pay a visit.  When he heard Jesus was on His way, the centurion sent men ahead to meet Jesus.  In an act of humility, he is acknowledging that he was not worthy to have Jesus come to his house.  He has faith that Jesus could speak into the servant’s life from where he was and provide healing.  In verse 8, the centurion acknowledges that although he has been given authority over many, he is under authority.  As such, he can tell those reporting to him to go and do whatever he believes needs done.   Likewise, Jesus has the authority to speak healing over the servant and it will be done, He doesn’t need to physically be at the bedside.  At the same time, He was under some level of authority from His Father in Heaven.

As God’s steward, we are also under God’s authority.  As we align ourselves with Him, He will provide all we need to maximize the amazing resource He has given us, our businesses.

Our Hearts and Minds

In relation to this idea of stewardship and alignment, I want to lay out a concept for consideration.  As a leader, consider whether our hearts and minds align with God.  Do our actions reflect the way in which He wants us to steward the businesses He has given us?   There are many verses in the Bible that reflect Jesus’s words, that if we ask anything in His name, and in accordance with His will, He will do it.  (John 14:12-14, 1 John 5: 14-15)  This is not a means to get whatever we want in our business, although many have made it out to be.  I believe what we ask for reflects our heart and desire for our business or team.  Are we asking Him for things in accordance or in alignment with His desired results?  The alternative is asking for things we desire to see happen and asking God to come along. 

Over time, we develop in our ability to see the marketplace as God views it.  As this happens, we are inspired and driven to see eternally impacting things happen in our businesses and through the marketplace.  These things include but are well beyond the key performance indicators and financials that we use to measure results.  We certainly need to be leading and operating our businesses in ways that will lead to success.  In this world, success gives us the platform and ability to influence and impact the lives of many. One way to align ourselves with Him is to spend time reading His Word and in prayer. As we do, we are able to achieve things far beyond what we can on our own, and impact eternity.

Monday Morning

As you think about your business or your team, consider whether the key leaders around you are in alignment.  Is everyone on the same page with the direction of the company, division or team?  Are you clear as to your organization’s value, and what success looks like within your products and services?  Is there agreement as to how things are to get done, which represents the culture within your organization?  The degree there is alignment around these types of key leadership components will determine your ultimate business success.

With this as a backdrop, we also have the ability to be part of something so much bigger.  What we see in the here and now is not all there is to achieve.   I believe that when we come together as individual businesses and leaders, we can have an even greater impact.  This impact includes the ability to maximize our God-given potential, both individually and collectively.  As we form community, we begin to see each other less as competition but more as partners. Partners in awakening the marketplace and advancing the Kingdom of God.  When we encourage and sharpen each other, send business to each other and stand in the gap for each other, we are aligning with God together.  The end result of this is exponentially impacting the marketplace for the Lord.  In doing so, we extend God’s reach to the many people who have not yet put their trust in our Lord Jesus Christ, and the eternal life-changing work he is offering them.

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