About We R Stewards

Thank you for your interest in our We R Stewards mission.  This is a culmination of a God-given vision brewing for many years.  I have always sensed God wanted me to center my life on Him, including my business adventures.  The We R Stewards movement is the next step in this journey. What I have a passion to do is fan the flame of leadership in others (2 Timothy 1:6).  God has gifted me with wisdom and insights to inspire leaders toward their potential.  In sync with this vision, I have a passionate personal desire to see leaders break through any barriers that may be in their path.  As a result, see them achieve the visions and values they have been given by God to accomplish. The most recent transformation in my leadership journey involved thoughts of Eternity.  There has become a stirring in my heart to consider eternity in relation to the intersection of where I am spending most of my time here on earth, the Marketplace.  God placed in my head visions and passions to inspire others in the business community to move towards seeing the marketplace through his lens. In doing so, see their businesses and leadership roles as gifts from God.  Along with this, consider that We R Stewards of them, and God as our CEO.  This view will help us align our desires with His, to Glorify God in all we do within the Marketplace (John 14:12-13). This included a vision to encourage leaders in the marketplace to go deeper in their understanding of key business concepts from a biblical perspective.  Concepts that would allow them to maximize the business opportunities they have been given, with the overarching desire to achieve success in ways that both bring honor to God and point their marketplace stakeholders to eternity in some way. This vision began to stir back in 1996 when I had a growing desire to be a better leader for the various teams I was managing, both in industry and in the church.  From that point through to the present, I have been reading, writing and aspiring to continually grow in my ability to lead and support others who share this same desire. My God-given experiences along this journey include being a CPA in a regional accounting firm, Manager of Accounting Department in an international supermarket, International Best Practice Consultant, starting and leading a regional insurance agency as well as an HR Consulting firm.  I have chaired various governing boards and committees over the years.  In all these roles, a driving force was being the most effective leader possible.  I am certainly not perfect as a leader, but sincerely desired to learn, improve and transform.  In doing so, maximize my eternal influence on the lives around me.  Along with this internal desire is a drive to see other leaders become all they can be within their various leadership roles and responsibilities. I invite you to join me in this vision as it is much larger than I can imagine or achieve on my own.  There are endless ways to participate in this mission.  If you desire to engage in further conversation on these concepts, I invite you to reach out to me at randy.earnst@we-r-stewards.com.  Onward and Upward my friends!
We R Stewards Founder Randy Earnst