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If you desire to grow in your ability to lead, develop your business using God’s principles and see the Marketplace transformed and awakened for The Lord, we invite you to join us.

Encourage & Equip Business Owners & CEOs

As His Stewards, we are inspired to see the Marketplace as God Does

"This is why I remind you to fan into flames the gift God gave you..."

2 Timothy 1:6


Let us fan the flame of the inner Fire given to us as business owners/CEO’s

The businesses and organizations we lead are gifts from God to impact the lives of people in the Marketplace for eternity. We can maximize impact by learning and taking actions towards:


  • Developing as Leaders
  • Leading as God’s Stewards
  • Operating our businesses in God-honoring Ways

We R Stewards carries out this mission by:


Leading Peer Advisory Groups

Both established business leaders, and leaders looking to create new or reposition existing businesses


One-on-One Encouraging and Coaching

Times of personal care and sharpening leaders towards their full potential



We desire to inspire leaders through speaking opportunities


Regular Communications

Inspire and encourage biblically based business concepts through our blog posting, newsletters and personal communications


Key Concept

God Owns Everything

  • Genesis 1:1… in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth..
  • Psalms 24:1… the earth is the Lords and everything in it
  • Including our businesses, and… We R Stewards


Key Concept

Stewardship is Key

In 1 Corinthians 9:17, The Apostle Paul speaks about his role in advancing the Gospel message: Influencing others for the Kingdom of Heaven was his sacred stewardship, what he was called by God to do.

Likewise, God has opened doors into the Marketplace and mobilized us on this Great Adventure called Business.

He has called us to successfully lead in business and do our part to advance the Gospel and influence the Kingdom of Heaven.

Leading our business is our Sacred Stewardship.


Key Concept

Transform the Leader...

… Transform the Business


Key Concept

Transformed Leaders... & Transformed Businesses...

...Transform & Awaken
the Marketplace!

Values we Drive & Strive towards


Biblical view of our business


As leaders, which leads to
Transformed businesses

Healthy Culture

What you will experience to Lead your companies towards

Aroma of Christ

What is left in our path as we Do business in the Marketplace

God Honoring

Operating our business in a Way that is God Honoring

Kingdom Mindset

At the end of day, what Really matters is pointing people Towards Heaven through our actions

These Values equip us to lead towards results including:

If these resonate, join our community of CEO’s, Business owners and Key Leaders.

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If stewardship opportunities resonate with you, take a few minutes to reach out to me! I look forward encouraging you in any way that I can in your business stewardship journey!

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